Guest art – Wilhelm

Guest art for a friend, of her character Wilhelm, for her upcoming comic book. Go check her work at https://scarycircus.artsta

Commission – Germaine

A character design commission for a coworker of mine. He wanted a Berber/Persian-inspired character, with a dash of Egyptian.

Felicia Forte study

Painting study, after Felicia Forte. About an hour in Clip Studio Paint.

Overwatch + Ghibli – Mercy

Everyone’s favorite healer, done in a studio Ghibli style. On a scale from one to ten, how is your pain?

Sketch commission: Toothless and Stitch

A quick sketch commission done for a friend. Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch


Yo, G-man, we gonna kill some frickin’ monsters or whatever? Clip Studio Paint

Overwatch + Ghibli – Tracer

Tracer from OVerwatch done in a Studio Ghibli style. Cheers, luv!

Overwatch+Ghibli – Mei

I’ve seen plenty of Overwatch/Ghibli inspired art, but not of the OW characters in a Ghibli style, so I thought I’

Prisoners of Fate

Done for OCRemix’s upcoming Chrono Cross album. I looked to Mucha for inspiration. Done in Clip Studio Paint and Photosh

Chrono Cross: Harle

  This is one half of the Prisoners of Fate piece, done for OCRemix. The other half is Kid.

Chrono Cross: Kid

This is one half of the Prisoners of Fate piece, done for OCRemix. The other half is Harle.

Laele pinup

Friend, after seeing previous pinup: “Needs more fanservice!” lol okay

Arrios pinup

Wife: “You sould draw Arrios in a fanservice-y pose.” lol okay

Commission – Katamari Damacy

Commission work for one of my wife’s friends. June, from Katamari Damacy, with masks from various other characters. Trie

Miach sketch

Eschewing comic work in favor of revisiting my other passion, character design, by taking an old, OLD sketch I did for a frien


Photoshop CS6, about an hour.

Mewovelous Birthday

Monster Hunter Felyne done as a birthday gift for a friend. Photoshop CS6, about 3 hours. Process video!

Dream No More

With all the comic work I’ve been doing lately, I wanted to do something a bit more painterly for a change. Inspired by

Kazuya sketch

Me: “What should I study today? Anatomy? Drapery? Maybe a master study?” Brain: “How about Kazuya from Tekke

Style exploration – viking

Still working with different styles and approaches, this time trying to marry Marko-Djurdjevic and MattRhodesArt approaches. C

Style exploration – Laele

Just like the title says, just playing around with styles. I still want to do my comic, but I need to find a style to stick to

Ragnarok Online – (sin)X My Heart

Assassin Cross from Ragnarok Online. My character, Arrios, and my wife’s character, Rune.

Ragnarok Online – Chemical Reaction

Biochemist and Alchemist from Ragnarok Online. My character, Persephone, and my wife’s character, Laele.

Wizard commission

A commission I recently did for Snapcasters Gaming and Espresso. Go check them out! You are not

Shin Megami Tensei – Hitoshura

Quick sketch of Hitoshura/Demi fiend from Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne, just for fun. Out of all the SMT games, Nocturne is def

Bloodborne – Just a plain doll

Alternate title: “…even the Doll, if it please you…” The Doll, from Bloodborne. I tried to emulate Alp

Bury All Your Secrets In My Skin

Birthday painting for my wife. Our characters, Laele and Arrios, sharing a moment.

Fight of the Century

Monsters vs. Monsters! Place your bets, people! ————- This was done for the GA-HQ Crossover Contest fo

Commission – Magic: The Gathering playmat

A playmat commission I did for a friend, featuring Angus McKenzie. Snuck some references to other cards in there. 🙂 See if

Let The Good Times Roll

I was originally going to name this one “The Thrill Is Gone”, but then I remembered, despite being The King of the

Oda Nobunyaga

Lord Nobunyaga! Music: Night Raid!

Day at the Beach

I tried to emulate Gil Elvgren for this one, but then I’d get all caught up in it and end up over-rendering, which defea

My Little Pony – Big Mac

Psyche! Bonus Round! Eeyup! …okay, now I’m done

My Little Pony – Fluttershy

i’d like to be a tree…yay… That’s it for the ponies!

My Little Pony – Twilight Sparkle

All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!

My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash

I don’t even like cake!

My Little Pony – Pinkie Pie

Hey, you know what this calls for? A PARTY! FOREVER!

My Little Pony – Applejack

Made me sit up straight like a corn stalk in August! Yeehaw!

My Little Pony – Rarity

Look upon me Equestria, for I am Rarity!

Simplified Laele sketch

Decided to try a minimalistic approach to a sketch of my wife’s character, Laele. I rather like how it turned out. 🙂

Disney Princesses gang fight – Snow White

Last of the bunch. From an early age, Snow White has lived with her stepmother, who was vain and narcissistic, and would often

Disney Princesses gang fight – Ariel

Fifth one of the bunch. Ariel grew up in a nicer part of town than her friends. However, in typical teenager fashion, she neve

Disney Princesses gang fight – Tiana

Fourth one of the bunch. Tiana was born in poverty. From a young age, her father taught her that hard work and perseverance al

Disney Princesses gang fight – Aurora

Third of the bunch. Aurora was born into a wealthy, upper class family, who was fond of arranged marriages. Upon turning sixte

Disney Princesses gang fight – Belle

Second one of the bunch. Belle grew up in a small French village, nestled in the mountains. She never really got along with an

Disney Princesses gang fight – Rapunzel

First one of the bunch. Coming from a very strict household, Rapunzel acted out as soon as she was able. She figured, since he

Dark Souls – Solaire

Everyone’s favorite Sunbro, Solaire of Astora, from Dark Souls’ fame. Praise the Sun!

Study – A Bedouin Arab, John Singer Sargent

A study of John Singer Sargent’s “A Bedouin Arab”. Done in Painter 9, about 45 minutes. One layer, with no ctrl+z or era